Car lifts can be useful for the home enthusiast, hobbyist, restoration facility, or professional mechanic – and anyone interested in taking better care of their automotive unit. Choosing the right car hoist lift doesn’t just depend on what type of vehicle you have. The right garage vehicle lift must also take into account your interests and storage needs. Depending on what your automotive interests are, LiftPro has a variety of lifts to choose from, including:

If you own a vehicle that requires storage for part of the year, consider a lift. We carry lifts for smaller machines, like ATV lifts. For motorbikes, a motorbike lift is ideal for storing your bike in the winter months. When space is a factor, the right lift can help you maximize the space you do have and keep your vehicle off the ground to prevent rodent and water damage.

For repairs, a car hoist lift can provide easy access for those hard to reach places. A garage vehicle lift can quickly become a residential car lift that enables repairs and maintenance work to be done from home. No matter what your needs, at LiftPro the possibilities are endless!

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