Purchasing an auto lift is a big decision, whether it’s for your mechanic shop or for your personal use at home. The last thing you want to do is spend a fair chunk of change and end up with an underpowered or unsafe auto lift. Here at LiftPro we are dedicated to providing the highest quality auto lifts for whatever your needs are. We have created a check list you should read before you buy an auto lift.

1. Customer support

One of the main ways to gather information on different companies is the internet. These days almost every company has a website with relevant information and contact info. Most of the time there are reviews of past customers. This is a good way to get an idea of the company and how they conduct business. Every company will be glad to take your money in the beginning, but their true character comes out when something goes wrong. You want to make sure support is readily available and knowledgeable. Most companies have support phone lines that you can call. You can usually get a good grasp on the type of help for products by calling their customer support line.

2. Warranty

Even the most popular vehicle lift brands sometimes have defects and unexpected failures. Most auto lift companies realize this and offer some type of warranty. Knowing what the warranty covers and how long it lasts is essential. Make sure you know all the answers before you invest in an auto lift.

3. Company reputation

A lot of companies seem amazing from their marketing efforts, but when you dig deeper you may realize their brand doesn’t live up to the hype. Talking to current customers or looking at online forums usually gives you a good sense of the company. Be sure to see how long the company has been in business. If they just started and haven’t sold many products, you may not know if they will live up to their promise.

4. Know your garage

It’s important to know what dimensions you have to work with. Always double check before purchasing so you don’t have any unexpected mistakes when you install your auto lift. Make sure you measure your ceiling height, concrete thickness and know where your electrical outlets are. Make sure to use our ceiling height calculator for auto lifts to make sure your dream lift will fit in your garage.

5. The right features

Sitting down and making a list of wants and needs from an auto lift will help you with the decision process. Vehicle lifts have many features and instead of buying the biggest most expensive one, you should make a decision about what features you actually need. You should consider what type of vehicle will be on the lift, its weight, and what you want to use the lift for.

This check list is a beginner’s guide to buying an auto lift. For more information about auto lifts and what kinds there are, give LiftPro’s expert team a call at 1-877-6GO-LIFT.

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