We’re glad you asked.

This is a question we hear a lot at LiftPro. People want to know 3 main things: the lift capabilities, safety factors, and if the lift you have in mind will fit in your garage.

Professional shops know what types of auto lift works best for them. They may have both 2 and 4 post auto lifts in their service bays but what about the smaller mechanic shop or home garages? These smaller set ups usually only have room for one auto lift.

It is important when you are thinking about installing any car lift that you have space not just for the lift but for a space around the lift where you can safely work on the vehicle. Don’t forget to measure the height of your workshop or garage to make sure the lowest part of the roof under the lift will not impede the lifting height of the lift with a vehicle on board.

You should also consider a number of other factors such as garage dimensions, size and weight of the vehicles to be parked, and the space you want remaining for other projects. We have created a ceiling height calculator to ensure the lift you choose will be a perfect fit.

If you want to know more, we’d love to discuss lifts with you. Auto lifts are just what we do, and we love to share our knowledge with others. Give us a shout at 1-877-6GO-LIFT and we’ll give you the scoop on buying a new home auto lift.

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