ALI Gold Label Certification

Gold Label - Certified Automotive Lift

We are proud to announce that Direct-Lift’s Pro Park series four-post lifts are now ALI Certified, and have received ALI/ETL approval. To achieve certification, each lift model must meet ANSI standards and be third party tested and validated by an accredited independent testing company.

Not all lifts are the same. It takes a combination of the right design, engineering excellence and quality manufacturing to earn this certification. Every hobbyist should take the time to look for the “Gold ALI/ETL label” on the lift being considered. It is extra assurance for the buyer that the lift meets the highest industry safety and performance standards.

And did you know that there is only ONE current standard in North America that governs the design and construction of automotive lifts? This standard is ANSI/ALI ALCTV – 2006. ALI and its members offer a rigorous testing and certification program for lifts. The program uses an independent third-party testing laboratory called ETL (Intertek).

ETL meets OSHA requirements as one of only twelve nationally recognized testing laboratories in the country. ETL tests the lifts the ensure compliance with the American National Standard ANSI/ALI ALCTV – 2006 and ANSI UL Standard 201 and periodically inspects the factory where the lifts are being made.

Lifts are subjected to thorough safety tests such as a 1.5 rated load test, cable cut tests and deformation tests. If the lift passes the tests and the factory meets the standards, then the lift may carry the gold “ALI Certified/ETL Listed Mark”. Each individual lift model must receive its own ALI/ETL certification.

Key certification considerations…

  • ETL is the ONLY nationally recognized testing lab (NRTL) that manages the ALI program.
  • There are no conditional, temporary or partial certifications. The lift is either certified or not certified.
  • No one is authorized to use the ALI/ETL certification label or reference it without all requirements being met.

To view a list of all certified lifts, visit the ALI website .